Mastitis Prevention and Treatment Programme

Mastitis means 'inflammation of the udder', and is usually caused by a bacterial infection and is regarded as the most economically significant infectious disease of dairy cattle. Mastitis can be classified as clinical with obvious signs of acute inflammation in the affected quarter and changes in the appearance of the milk, or sub-clinical where the affected quarter appears normal but the milk has an elevated Somatic Cell Count (SCC).

GH AgriHealth Mastitis Treatment Programme

Fast and effective results for the prevention and treatment of Mastisis

Pat Aherne milks 100 cows for Glanbia near Cork Airport:

"In early 2010 I had a major breakdown in mastitis and spent the month of February pumping antibiotics and dumping milk, I began the GH AgriHealth Mastitis Programme and my milk yields have been increasing month on month ever since (March 2012 29.8ltrs, April 29.2ltrs) and my SCC is consistently under 200"

Use GH AgriHealth for

• Proven results in reducing and stabilising Somatic Cell counts

• Additional immunity benefits for cows and unborn calves

• Direct treatment to infected quarter

• Add 10ml per animal to drinking water once a month for four months – 12 months protection

Pat Aherne, Cork

"These products are what I call common sense farming – working with nature not against it".